Finding the Artistry in Your Organization

Act I scene 1: What do you want to accomplish?


Let's meet to see if your vision and our capabilities mesh. We'll talk culture, goals, outcomes and how we can help.

From there, we can determine the best way to integrate artistry. See sample projects below.

Act I scene 2: Engagement and enrichment


We can assess employee engagement and creativity or use your in-house research, your choice. What matters most is finding the hidden, untapped talent in your organization and engaging it.

Act I scene 3: An authentic narrative


Our playwrights and authors can help you write a compelling story about anything - from adventures in accounting to your founder's life story. For example, Henry Wallace started Pioneer Seed Company but did a whole lot more. Look him up!

Act II Scene 1: What's Your Medium?


Website, event, annual report, brainstorming, staff gatherings, team building - you name it. You have the tech, the place and the topic and we have the artists to help you make it immersive and unforgettable.

Act II scene 2: Bring it in and own it


Fred in finance is a poet and a good one. Did you know that? Well now you do! We can help your find the artists inside your organization and channel those creative, innovative minds to tell your unique story.

Act 2 scene 3: Keep it REAL and keep it FRESH


Here's the thing about engaged employees - they have fun, they're more creative and they're honest about what's working and what's not. Engage, support and celebrate the artistry within your organization! 

Sample Projects


strengthen staff bonds: Start a company choir, band or Theatre group

Remember those band, choir and theatre kids in High School? How close they were?

BizArtistry helps kick things off with:

  • Professional directors, designers and accompaniment
  • All styles and genres of music, plays and musicals



Want to eliminate lame meetings and lackluster presentations?

  • One-on-one training with our coaches to create dynamic presentations
  • Group sessions applying improv principles to boost brainstorming, collaboration and meeting productivity


Drive the narrative through fresh, compelling content brought to life

Your organization is a lot more interesting than you realize. Bring a brand new perspective to your company's history, unique character, community involvement, values and customer experiences

  • Our playwrights and authors will work with your creative staff and agency to make the story more immersive
  • We'll put your story on stage, creating a wealth of new content for your digital and social media presence