About Us

Executive Artist in Residence


Curtis Powell, BizArtistry's Executive Artist in Residence, is a thought leader in business and an award-winning composer, playwright and actor. Co-author of The Disposable Visionary: A Survival Guide for Change Agents, senior executive for healthcare, higher education and financial services, composer of five musicals and stage actor in roles from Shakespeare to Albert Einstein, Curt has consulted with dozens of organizations and collaborated with theatre professionals and artists across the country.

Translating Strategies to Experiences


BizArtistry collaborates with your team to create captivating  stories, live and digital customer experiences:

  • Create  compelling, unique narratives based on your organization's history, culture, mission and vision
  • Work with a team of artists to design events, live and digital experiences that will bring your story to life

Why bizartistry?


Creativity and innovation are the only true currencies for business and art. Without them, companies stagnate, employees disengage and audiences leave. Incorporating art into business brings new authenticity, energy and discipline to your team. BizArtistry lives in both worlds and can help your team bring the power of both together.